The company's policy

For Quality, Safety, Occupational health and Environment

The policy of industrial Moharem press company specialized in the manufacturing industries as  (the production , printing of corrugated cardboard and Playing cards., plastic products, manufacturing and offset printing) aims to reach the highest levels of quality with continuous improvement through the requirements and achieve the following objectives:

§  Quick response to customer requirements.

§  Providing competitive prices with excellent service.

§   Dealing with reputed suppliers.

§   Prevention , mitigation and Assessment the risks that affect the health and safety of all employees and customers and visitors, as well as Environmental aspects which negatively  affect the surrounding  and External Environment.

§   Commitment and encourage the concept of cleaner production, such as the rationalization of resources and raw materials and energy consumption.

§  Compatibility with all Legal requirements and Egyptian legislation and any other requirements related to the company's activities in terms of Quality , Occupational health & Safety and Environmental protection.

§  Constant quest for improvement and continuous development of the management, resources and infrastructure.

§  Safe disposal of hazardous wastes resulting from the different sections of the company.

§   Achievement the communication and insurance the realization and awareness of all employees of the duties of the Occupational Health & Safety and protection of the Environment and the quality of service provided by the company.

§  Inform all the employees by the company policy and administration as well as the availability of knowledge of this policy to all customers with the company and also the public.
In order to continue this outstanding performance the company committed itself to the establishment and implementation of a management system aligned with the requirements of international standards:

ISO 14001 / 2004           ISO 9001 / 2008             2007          /18001  OHSAS


And the efficient  review of this system and constantly working to improve every year and thus this system achieves the expected level of customer satisfaction and other governmental and sovereign clients with the company.

The company is also committed to take on its management responsibility for this system to provide material resources through reuse, recycling and recovery.
As well as the provision of either future or current human resources and the supply of workers by the best training programs.

The company is also represented in the senior management periodically review this policy and in the periodic meetings to review the management to indicate whether the goals set for them this policy may have been achieved.

This policy formulation by The Chairman of the Board & Managing Director and the members of senior management of the company. This policy has been explained and discussed in the general induction training that is given to new and existing employees. This policy announcement is allocated to them in their work place.

Representative of the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Affairs

AlNouzha : Eng, Ashraf Mokhtar     

Bakous : Eng, Alaa Awad


Management representative 

Ch,Afaf M. Abdelfattah                                    


                               Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

                           Eng, Mohamed Naguib Salah ElDin