Based on the keenness of the Muharram Industrial Press Company to keep pace with all forms of progress and technological development in the field of printing in its various forms To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To achieve the important equation (speed + quality = outstanding product) Overprinting - 5 colors in detail (size M / 1200 mm x 2400 mm) in addition to (circular cracking - automatic gluing) (Printing machine for corrugated cardboard).

Departments Bakous


Printing Press:


Marim Printing Company (Bakous Factory) is one of the oldest companies in the field of printing and packaging, offering two types of printing: -

First: Rotogravure Printing: which is printing from a recessed or engraved surface and is considered one of the highest quality printing types worldwide.

  •  Composition: Rotogravure Machine consists of 5 units divided into two engines (Engine 8) consists of 4 units (color) and (Engine 20) consists of 3 units (color).
  • Materials used: 40gsm Milk Paper, 40gsm Sulfite Paper, Laminated Aluminum, 30 Micron Polypropylene.
  • Production capacity per shift: 300 kilograms / shift.

Second: Flexo Printing:

This is printing from a raised surface Flexo, and it uses a flexographic plate using a photopolymer.

* Printing Machine D C M consists of 4 separate units (4 colors) and is used for producing paper prints and printing linings for confectionery and food companies.

* Used Materials include 40gsm Milk Paper, 40gsm Sulfite Paper, Aluminum laminated with 20 or 40gsm Sulfite Paper, 80gsm Kraft Paper, 80gsm White Printing Paper.

* Dyeing and Lamination Machine D C M where aluminum foils are laminated at 7 microns on sulfite paper and dyed on the aluminum surface. (Clients: Eastern Company, CoverTina).

* Production capacity of 1 ton / per shift.

* Wax Lamination Machine  where 40gsm or 20gsm Sulfite Paper is wax-sealed on one side, and also the treatment of 40gsm Sulfite Paper and wax-sealing Kraft Paper on both sides (Prominent clients: Saker Advanced Industries, Covertina, Monaliza, El Shaarawy).



Thirdly: Ticket Printing:

* Ticket machine GAZZEL  specialized in printing transportation tickets for all transportation facilities, the Public Transport Authority in Cairo, and the General Authority for Passenger Transport in Alexandria.

* Commercial room printing machine for commercial room orders (vegetable and fruit market) in Alexandria and Dakahlia.

* The material used is 45gsm 45cm journal paper.

* Production capacity: one million tickets / shift.

Fourthly: Poly Styrene

* Poly Styrene rolls manufacturing machine used in thermoforming machines for producing plastic containers for packaging yoghurt, jam, and honey.

* Raw materials used are crystal and anti-shock Poly Styrene in various proportions according to each client's specification in terms of flexibility and hardness.

* Key clients include Al Mansour Trading Company, Investment Company for Dairy Products (Deena Farms), and Egypt October Company (Al-Masriyeen).


Fifthly: Embossing

* Grotto Machine:

It embosses all types of 80gsm Kraft paper with a width of 80cm and 70gsm white printing paper, used in cardboard bonding or to complete the packaging of industrial products.

Maximum width of the machine is 80 cm.

Prominent clients: Niaza Company, Sayed Pharmaceuticals, Shubra for Engineering Industries, Carton Companies.

Production capacity: 500 kilograms / daily