New investments amounting to LE 5.5 millionThe General Assembly of the company adopted the planning budget for the fiscal year 2019/2020


who are we

moharrem press is one of leader printing company in egypt, we supply a huge section in egyptian market by most printing products andcorrugated boxes industry:
all kinds of printing and packaging stuff lamination on micro flutecarton corrugate boxes for packaging playing cards for casinos, hotels different types of books & covers gummed paper poly products nylon productstickets

techincal department

moharrem press is considered to be one of the main pioneers working in the manufacturing of the various packaging supporting the packaging operations in egypt, and it well known that the packaging operations as well as the choice of the correct package for a special product is based upon several scientific foundations of which we mention.


the laboratories plays a basic role in examining the supplied materials so as to choose the best material following the inspection and grading, making sure that it conforms to the specifications that were previously prepared.


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