Based on the keenness of the Muharram Industrial Press Company to keep pace with all forms of progress and technological development in the field of printing in its various forms To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To achieve the important equation (speed + quality = outstanding product) Overprinting - 5 colors in detail (size M / 1200 mm x 2400 mm) in addition to (circular cracking - automatic gluing) (Printing machine for corrugated cardboard).

HR Resources

Public Relations Management

The Public Relations Management is one of the most important departments of Muharram Industrial Printing Company, as it provides various services to employees and the company. These services include the following:

- This department is responsible for managing and monitoring all telephone lines within the company for individuals and the system, including mobile lines, the extensive internet network, and landlines. This is achieved through contracts and agreements with various communication companies to facilitate and coordinate the production process between different sectors of the company. This is in line with rapidly advancing technological developments in the surrounding market.

- The department manages and monitors all transportation lines within the company. This is done through conducting tenders among transportation companies that submit bids and offers. The department selects the best offers that provide comfort and safety at the best offered prices. Daily monitoring of various routes is performed to address any conditions that may arise immediately.

- The department is responsible for monitoring the health status of all employees in the company. It periodically visits them in case of health emergencies requiring hospitalization. This is done to ensure the safety and health of everyone, prioritizing health safety before production safety. On the other hand, the Public Relations Management always aims to involve employees from all sectors of the company in happy occasions, actively participating in organizing events and providing gifts to motivate and boost the morale of employees. This enhances positive energy that significantly impacts productivity. Additionally, the department plays an essential role in supporting employees during times of bereavement, both for employees themselves or their relatives. It arranges necessary transportation and assistance for funeral ceremonies.

- The department is responsible for managing and coordinating summer vacation trips during the summer season, known as "Marakiya." It arranges group reservations and the participation of employees in the trip, ensuring the proper delivery and collection of units and necessary materials at the beginning and end of the trip.

- Lastly, the Public Relations Management never forgets its valued customers at the beginning of each new year. It actively participates in presenting the "Results of the New Year," gifted by Muharram Industrial Printing Company to its esteemed clients, the partners of success throughout the republic.

Employee Transportation

* Employee Transportation:

- Muharram Industrial Printing Company provides means of transportation for employees to its branches (Nazlet El-Semman & Bakos). This is achieved through contracts with tourist transportation companies that ensure comfort and safety for employees. The company also ensures adherence to schedules and comprehensive alignment with the company's objectives and requirements.

Product Transportation:

Transporting and delivering products is one of the top priorities and main concerns of Muharram Industrial Printing Company for the following reasons:

- Safe Delivery to Customers: The efforts and energies invested by the company in its production are crowned by ensuring the product's safe arrival to the customer. Additionally, this achieves cooperation and participation with the customer in presenting their product to the market within packaging that protects, contains, sells, and encourages purchase.

- Timely Delivery Without Delay: This represents the company's primary and most important objective of maintaining its esteemed customers. It also involves sharing in delivering orders repeatedly without delay or harm. This preserves the valuable time and effort of our valued customers.
To achieve the above, and to establish, reinforce, and develop it, Muharram Industrial Printing Company provides various types of transportation vehicles, including (pickup trucks, half trucks, full trucks, tractor-trailers, trailers). The selection of these vehicles is based on the nature and quantity of the shipment.

- The company is committed to loading all products onto closed wooden pallets covered with plastic wrap (shrink wrap) and balanced with strapping to ensure the safe delivery of products to all customers within or outside the province.

- The company's transportation vehicles are equipped with protection against rain and weather fluctuations, especially when traveling outside the province, to ensure the safe and secure arrival of the product to our valued customers.


Brief history about the moharrem press library


The library of Muharram Industrial Printing Company was established since its inception to serve as a reference, a destination, and a cultural source. It stands as a cornerstone for scientific knowledge and a means of keeping up with technological advancements and exploring new aspects in various printing fields for the company's employees and any visitor who wishes to explore it. This is achieved through borrowing valuable scientific and technical books and references and returning them afterward.

In support of this foundation, the library has been equipped with a large number of books and references, exceeding 3,800 volumes, encompassing both historical and contemporary works. The historical collection covers the history of the art of printing, its origin, development, and progress. The contemporary collection includes the continuous evolution of this art and the technological techniques it has reached.

The library's scope of books extends beyond the realm of printing alone. It encompasses several areas, including:

1. Printing in all its aspects, branches, types, requirements, techniques, and advancements, from planning to execution and production.

2. Engineering fields, which include mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering, computer systems, air conditioning, refrigeration, fine arts, applied arts, chemistry, nature, civil engineering, and more.

3. Accounting, statistics, and investment.

4. Sales and marketing.

5. Literature and poetry.

6. There is a dedicated section for a diverse collection of books and excerpts in Arabic and European languages, tailored to various intellectual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

Medical Care

Human resources are among the most valuable assets of Muharram Industrial Printing Company. Recognizing this, the company provides appropriate medical services in coordination and collaboration with the General Authority for Health Insurance. This includes the following:

- The Social Affairs Department, under the General Public Relations Management, is responsible for facilitating and streamlining all necessary procedures for employees to access the required medical services.

- The company has a specialist doctor from the General Authority for Health Insurance available on a daily basis. This doctor provides necessary healthcare services, conducts medical examinations, and prescribes appropriate treatments. Prescriptions are dispensed either from the Alexandria clinic through the Public Relations Department representative or by referring the patient to a specialized doctor (in a different medical field) at the Alexandria clinic, if necessary.

- The company also has a medical clinic operating 24 hours a day. A medic is present in the clinic to provide first aid, treat minor injuries, and attend to any injuries sustained by employees during work (machine-related injuries) until they can be transferred to the nearest hospital. The company has over 40 first aid kits available.

- The company has an equipped ambulance for transporting injured employees or those with chronic illnesses to the nearest hospital, if their condition requires it.

- The company offers financial contributions to patients hospitalized or undergoing minor or major surgeries based on the duration of hospitalization or the type of surgery performed. This support reflects the company's cooperation and material and psychological support for its employees.

- Medical cards for treatment are renewed periodically and continuously for all employees through the Public Relations Department.