New investments amounting to LE 5.5 millionThe General Assembly of the company adopted the planning budget for the fiscal year 2019/2020

HR Resources

Employee Transfer

The company workers and employees are transferred from & to company attached by all means of security and safety. In addition, the chairman of board has been agreed to increase the number of buses working in such service, so a contract has been with Cairo Travel Company for that reason to introduce their buses beside company buses and starts service together in the following lines:

1-Amria – Agamy – El Nozha line (from & to company) [Cairo Travel] for fifty workers (7.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

2-Agamy – Hanovile – Baccous Branch Line (from & to company) [Cairo Travel] for twenty eight workers, (7.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

3-Abo Kir – El Nozha Line (from & to company) [Cairo Travel) for sixty seven workers (7.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

4-El Saha – El Awaied – El Nozha line (company bus 9316).

5-El Saha – El Awaied – El Nozha line (company bus 9316) for forty three workers, (8.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

6-Asafra, 45th street – El Nozha line (from & to Co.) Co. bus 6122 for forty three workers, (7.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

7-Masr Railway Station Ezbet Saad line (from & to Co.) (Co. bus 6122) for forty three workers, (8.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

8-Abo Kir – El Malaha – Baccous Branch line (from & to Co.) bus 1493 for forty three workers (8.00 AM – 3.00 PM).

9-Shifts line – Asafra 45th St. El Nozha (from to Co.) Co. bus 9317 (7.00 PM).

Vacations And Tours

The company carries out entertainment journeys for the workers, employees such as:
Winter Entertainment journeys:
For Example:
- Visit Cairo signs, 6th October Panorama, Pharonic Village, Pyramids – Cairo Land Entertainment City, Cairo Citadel, Mohamed Aly Mosque, Magic Land Entertainment City. Media Production City, Lion Village – Circus Show, Taverna Village.
- Workers Breakfast parties:
1. In Rady Village – Accacia Village
2. Nile Cruise lunch parties.
3. Port Said City visit.
- Summer Entertainment journeys:
For Example:
Place Period
- Visit Marakia Touristic resort one week
- Visit Gamasa summer resort one week
- Visit Marsa Matrouh summer resort one week
In addition, the company organizes religious occasions, and presented for the distinguished workers presents

Brief history about the moharrem press library

Brief history about the moharrem press library   The company established a library for company workers & staff . The library assists raising the cultural level of the workers, which implemented by borrowing books and references to acquaint and adapt with advanced technology .  The library includes 3848 (three thousand eight hundred, and forty eight) old and up-to-date books and references .  The library includes books concerning with :  First: Printing, printing inks, filling, binding, printing accessories, paper industry, paper processing, chemical materials related to printing, and photocopying concerning with printing . In addition of art books either it was eastern or European books , also books concerning with variants of applied arts .  Second: The library includes books concerning with various kinds of workshop field, such as vehicles engineering, workshops technology, air-conditioning & refrigeration, computers, electrical & mechanical technology, and electronic engineering .  Third: The library includes scientific books such as chemical engineering, physics, polymers, measuring instruments, mathematics, civil engineering, sanitary engineering, and life & nutrition science .

Fourth: Books concerning business administration, accountancy, statistics, investment, marketing, importing, exporting, and quality control .

Fifth: Books concerning with literature and poetry for Nageeb Mahfooz, Dr. Taha Hussien, Ahmed Shawky, Youssef Idrees and other poets and novelists Also it includes books about Egyptian history, European history, history of Islam, Arab nation, and autobiography of Arab and European leaders .

Sixth: Books concerning with human science and psychology as the fundamentals of psychology, Dr. Ahmed Ezzat Rageh, also sociology books …. etc ..

Seventh: The library includes comprehensive religious eynclopedia in jurisprudence, rubric, explanation, Hadith, Profit autobiography, Ryad El Saleheen, Profits stories.

Eighth: The library includes European eynclopedia as the British eynclopedia, International eynclopedia translated in English language . Also English, French, Arabic, Italic, Spanish and German dictionaries .

Ninth: The library includes books about crises management, hazard materials, industrial safety, and how worker protect his factory from fires and books concerning environmental pollution, security, and establishments protection .

Tenth: The library includes books about ancient and modern Egyptian medicine – Fish and plant wealth, sporting books such as football, body building, weight lifting, swimming, etc…

Sport Activity

Under the patronage of the leadership of Engineer I Mohamed Nageeb, Chairman of Board & Managing Director, and by directions of Mr. Reda Basyony, chief of activity committee, the sporting teams participated in the competitions of the sporting general federation of companies. The following teams participated in such competitions:
Season 2008/2009     Season 2009/2010

1.Participating in short distance swimming, pioneers by twelve swimmers chosen from all company sectors, the team won the second rank in the general ranking.

2.Participating in long distance swimming, pioneers by four swimmers, the team won the second rank in the general ranking. In addition the team promoted to Republic Championship for Companies, which held in Port Said.

3.The company participated in weight lifting competition by nine players, the team won the second rank in the general ranking. In addition the team promoted to Republic Championship for Companies, which held in Port Said. (The administrator /Mr. Tarek Othman)

4.Also, the company participated Chess competition , pioneers by four players, the team won the third rank in the general ranking . In addition the team promoted to Republic Championship for Companies, which held in Port Said.
(The administrator /Mr. Ahmed Youssef).

5.Also, the company participated with scouty team , by eighteen players, the team promoted to Republic Championship for Companies, which held in Port Said. The team represents the company honourably (The administrator /Mr. Ahmed ElKady & Mr. Mamdoh Abd El Aziz).

Medical Care

Company workers subjected to medical care through the general authority of medical insurance-checking and examinations and proceeding varieties of surgeries (major – intermediate and minor surgeries).
First, presence of administration of social affairs followed the general administration of general relations which support workers and facilities procedure of getting medical care.

The health insurance specialist examine patients daily, that begins when the worker presents his medical card to the administration of social affairs, based on list presented from each department including worker names requested medical examinations.
After examining patients by the specialist, some patients are transferred to other specialists in Alexandria clinic and recommends medication to others and patients get drug from authority clinics.

- However, the company administration facilities the procedure collecting drugs through the general relation representative, who entrusted with this mission, collecting drugs from Alexandria clinic and return back to handover patients their recommended drugs.

In addition, there is an available nurse (in shift) in the company clinic which carries out changing procedures. Beside, there are more than forty first aid boxes to be used when necessary.

-Also, there is an ambulance equipped by medical equipment to transfer critical cases to hospital.

-The general administration of general relations carries out the renewal of the workers expired medical cards, and extract new medical cards for contracted workers.
-Informing the concerning departments by medical vacations (seal leave).
-The company administration paid L.E 30 (thirty pounds only), through general