New investments amounting to LE 5.5 millionThe General Assembly of the company adopted the planning budget for the fiscal year 2019/2020

brief history about the origin of societe  moharrem press.
moharrem press has been founded by the higher decree that was issued by khdewy mohamed tawfik on may 12,1885 and which was published in elwakaa newspaper on may 20,1885under the name of "egyptian commercial co."         
the company has started its work at the old headquarters located in moharrem bek st. in alexandria ,near the school of said el awal.        
the company has been the pioneer in exerting efforts for starting the converting paper industry in egypt for corrugated boxes industries ,and has been also the pioneer of the modern

the company has started its activity by producing the calendar along with carrying out the job of printing the shares& documents, the company was later on involved with the printing of playing card board.
also the printing of the banknotes currency paper for syria & lebanon in the fifties.
 the headquarters of the company was transferred to its new location in el nozha region in the vicinity airport in 1956.
the company was partly nationalized in accordance with the july decrees that were issued by the socialist ruling party in 1961 and has remained since then as a part of the public sector, so it was completely nationalized in 1963.
thus transferring its complete ownership to the state,the company is currently a part of the holding company for chemical industries according to the law no.203 for the year 1991 pertaining to the public sector companies.
made use of the modern offset printing with the four color varnish machines ,in addition to the fleet of the machines which are being continuously renewed.

hr development

the training activities &the role it
plays in developing the manpower
in accordance with the managerial
policy of this company which aims
at achieving the production sufficiency
and raising the level of the workers' performance at their different levels of specialization in the different jobs.
the general administration for training and organization has formed a group of training activities,
in various sectors in the company, for the purpose of achieving this goal.
the organization of training programs for the workers inside the company in the various administrative, technical and specialization fields by making use of the most modern training instruments which the company has made available for the achievement of this purpose.
sending the workers away to be trained at the specialized training centers to become educated, to obtain the knowledge and to sharpen their skill in work & performance.
encouraging the distinguished workers and allowing them to participate in a study for a fellowship abroad in the technologically advanced countries in the fields of printing, packaging and wrapping so as to be well acquainted and with the level of the scientific and the technologic advancement in these fields.
giving the distinguished workers the chance to join in the internal scholarship that are arranged by the faculty of production sufficiency in zaqaziq or those that are arranged by the institute of cooperative & administrative studies in cairo so as to become holders of the bachelor's degree thus elevating the level of their performance in the company.
the library and the rendering of educational services to the workers in thecompany

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