Based on the keenness of the Muharram Industrial Press Company to keep pace with all forms of progress and technological development in the field of printing in its various forms To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To achieve the important equation (speed + quality = outstanding product) Overprinting - 5 colors in detail (size M / 1200 mm x 2400 mm) in addition to (circular cracking - automatic gluing) (Printing machine for corrugated cardboard).

brief history about the origin of societe  moharrem press.

Historical background

Muharram Industrial Printing Company is considered one of the leading companies in the packaging industry and modern printing in Egypt and the Arab world.

The company was established according to the supreme order issued by Khedive Muhammad Tawfiq on 5/12/1885, which was published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Waqa’eed on 5/20/1885. The company was established at that time under the name “The Egyptian Commercial Company.” The company started its business in its old headquarters in Muharram Bey Street in Alexandria At that time, it was adjacent to Saeed Al-Awwal School. The company had the first credit for introducing the paper converting industry in Egypt to corrugated cardboard boxes and modern printing such as offset printing, from which it spread to all parts of the Arab world.

The company began its activities by producing annual calendars and printing stocks and bonds. The company printed banknotes for Syria and Lebanon in the fifties, then the company was transferred to its new headquarters in the Nozha area, next to Alexandria Airport in 1956. The company was partially nationalized in accordance with the July socialist decisions in 1961 and became affiliated to the public sector. The company is now the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, according to the Public Business Sector Companies Law No. 203 of 1991.

- The Holding Company for Chemical Industries owns 100% of the company's shares.

- Within the framework of efforts to develop factories and modernize them with the latest technology in the world. A Taiwanese-made 5-color corrugated cardboard printing and detailing machine was installed and operated at an investment cost of 27 million pounds in order to increase the customer segment and raise the monthly production capacity.

- The civil protection and compatibility project with the Civil Services Authority has also been completed, at a value of 12 million pounds.




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