Based on the keenness of the Muharram Industrial Press Company to keep pace with all forms of progress and technological development in the field of printing in its various forms To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To achieve the important equation (speed + quality = outstanding product) Overprinting - 5 colors in detail (size M / 1200 mm x 2400 mm) in addition to (circular cracking - automatic gluing) (Printing machine for corrugated cardboard).


Marham Industrial Printing Company is one of the largest and leading companies in the field of printing in various directions, with its constant and continuous efforts to face development and elevate the level of our various products.
Therefore, it had to choose experienced suppliers capable of supplying and providing various paper materials and all necessary operational supplies that meet the specifications and requirements of our esteemed clients.
Thus, we find that our company deals with distinguished suppliers, whether internationally or locally.

Some of them are as follows:

- Itab Paper Industries Company
- MM Paper Industries Company
- Super Plast Company
- Farah Import and Export Company
- Adham Paper and Cardboard Company
- Alex Pack Steel Company
- Al-Qasabah Trading Company
- National Paper Industries Company
- Ahram Investment Company
- UTS Trading and Distribution Company
- International Trading and Varnishes Company
- Alexandria Trading Company (ChemTrade)
- Alexandria Inks Company
- Trading Company for Woods
- Egy Wrap Company
- Digital Flexo Company
- Kamal Graphic Office
- Digitec Xerox Company
- Alexandria for Oils and Soaps
- Egypt for Chemical Industries
- Nasr Navigation Company
- Emans Human Resources Company
- Sweidy Cables Company
- Sweidy Chemical Industries Company
- International Trading and Agencies Company
- Amaju for Industrial Cleaners


Annual Consumption of Materials

Marham Industrial Printing Company strives with its human, material, mechanical, and technical resources to always remain a leader and keep pace with continuous developments in various fields of printing through its subsidiaries, including:

1- Main Center (Al-Nazha), which includes the following:

Corrugated Cardboard Factory

- Raw Materials and Operating Supplies:

(Testliner, Flute, Duplex, Starch, Inks, Wire, Pins).

Printing Factory

(Press, Printing Preparation Department, Commercial Printing)

Raw Materials: (Duplex Cardboard, White Printing Paper, Inks, Varnish)

Paper Toy Factory

Raw Materials:
(Chromo Paper, Toy Paper, Inks, Varnish)

2- Subsidiary Center (Bakos), which includes the following:

Rotogravure Factory

Raw Materials Used:
(Milk White Paper 40gsm, Aluminum Laminated, Polypropylene 30 Microns).

Flexo Printing

Raw Materials Used:
(Nylon Plates using the Nylonprint method).
(Milk White Paper 40gsm, Sulfite Paper 40 & 20gsm, Aluminum 7 Microns, Kraft Paper 80gsm, White Printing Paper 80gsm).

Ticket Printing Section

Raw Materials Used:
(Journal Paper 45gsm).
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Fluting [9000 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Paper [1000 tons] (Duplex + White Paper).
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Duplex Cardboard [2000 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Chromo Paper and Toy Paper [50 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Stapling Wire [10 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Sulfite Paper 20/40 gsm [1000 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Paper [500 tons] [other varieties].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Aluminum Foil [400 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Polystyrene [720 tons].
  • - Annual Average Consumption of Inks [450 tons].


Marham Industrial Printing Company

Marham Industrial Printing Company is one of the subsidiary companies of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, and it has been one of the leading companies in the field of printing and packaging since its establishment in 1885 until now, thanks to the continuous and serious efforts to keep up with rapid developments in the energy sector in all its various fields.

Our Services Include:

  • Manufacturing and printing corrugated cardboard boxes of various specifications and sizes (single and duplex).
  • Manufacturing and printing cardboard boxes (different duplex grams) used for packaging various products (pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals, etc.).
  • Manufacturing various commercial prints and manufacturing continuous perforated paper rolls used for computer printers in various sizes and specifications.
  • Manufacturing and printing toy paper (Koutchino), including our own branded toy paper (111), which is exclusively produced by our company, and special edition toy paper for major hotels and clubs throughout the country. This product competes with imported products in terms of quality, and it is produced in a dedicated and independent factory equipped specifically for this product.

We are always ready to receive orders from our valued customers with the utmost care and attention, and we are pleased and honored to serve you in order to achieve the common good for our beloved country.

Key Customers of Marham Industrial Printing Company:

  • Eastern Company for Tobacco and Cigarettes
  • Islamic for Medicines, Chemicals, and Supplies (FARCO)
  • Socialist Solidarity Bookstore
  • Egypt Spinning and Weaving Company in Mahalla El-Kubra
  • Alexandria Spinning Company
  • Sugar and Complementary Industries Company
  • Aboor Paints Company
  • Egyptian Company for Starch and Yeast
  • El Mansour for Trading and Distribution
  • Beheira Electricity Distribution Company
  • Arab Lighting Technology Company
  • Alexandria Passenger Transportation Authority
  • El-Shaarawy Confectionery Company
  • Abu Zeibal Specialized Chemicals Company
  • Egyptian-Saudi Company for Medical Equipment (MASCO)
  • SAS for Syringes and Medical Supplies Manufacturing
  • ZOOLA for Medical Supplies
  • Egyptian-Swiss (SISIC)
  • Alexandria Oils, Soaps, and Their Products Company
  • Extracted Oils and Their Products
  • Abu El-Houl Egyptian Company for Oils and Detergents
  • Logos Pack Company
  • Back Tech Company
  • Drinking Water Company in Beheira
  • Central Bank of Egypt
  • Drinking Water Company in Alexandria
  • Sayed Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Memphis Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Nile Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Holding Company for EgyptAir
  • National Social Insurance Authority
  • El-Beida Dyers
  • Egypt Petroleum Company
  • El-Amria for Engineering Industries
  • Nyaza Company
  • Abu Qir for Engineering Industries
  • Qena Paper Company
  • Qaha Food Company
  • Egyptian Company for Tourism Projects (Taverna)
  • Diwan for Food and Beverages (Pablo)
  • San Giovanni