Based on the keenness of the Muharram Industrial Press Company to keep pace with all forms of progress and technological development in the field of printing in its various forms To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To provide the best quality at the level that befits our valued customers, it has been imported To achieve the important equation (speed + quality = outstanding product) Overprinting - 5 colors in detail (size M / 1200 mm x 2400 mm) in addition to (circular cracking - automatic gluing) (Printing machine for corrugated cardboard).

Departments Nozha

Polygonal Cardboard Department

Company Departments in Al-Nuzha
Polygonal Cardboard Department:
This sector is responsible for producing, printing, and preparing polygonal cardboard boxes according to the specifications required by customers, whether it's a single-layer box or a five-layer double-layer box. The production stages are as follows:
Main Embossing Machine:
The machine was installed in 1976 and underwent its first upgrade. First: Starch Kitchen in 1998.
Second: Oven in 1998.
Then a second upgrade in 2018.
First: Longitudinal Crushing Unit.
Second: Changing Embossing Cylinders
Third: Changing Triple Embossing Cylinders
Then a third upgrade, which includes: repairing the driver software for the lateral knife unit in 2021.
 The product is manufactured from paper materials [Kraft - Floating - or sometimes manufactured as follows [White Duplex - Floating - Kraft]. 
Raw materials are operated from a width of 150 cm to 220 cm.*
* The product is a single-layer box made of two layers of Kraft and one layer of floating. The last double-layer consists of three layers of Kraft and two layers of floating. This is according to the customer's required specifications.
* Production rates range from 18,000 to 20,000 meters per shift.
Polygonal Cardboard Printing Machine (The Word)
This machine is model 1998, a 4-color printing machine with detailing and circular crushing. Water-based inks, but currently only printing 2 colors and detailing.
* The production rates of this machine reach up to 12,000 boxes per shift. It is equipped with an automatic conveyor line to the hooker press.

Bobst Machine
This machine is a 1979 Swiss model.
It prints 2 colors with water-based inks and die cuts using a forme.
It operates vegetable, fruit, pizza boxes, Toshiba bases, and any boxes with a specific forme.
Its production rates reach up to 7000 boxes per shift.
Equipped with an automatic line to pull the sheet to the hooker press.  
Mini Line Machine:
There are two machines used interchangeably for printing:
Mini Line Printing Machine 1984 France.
Mini Line Printing Machine 1986 France.
Capable of printing 3 colors and regular detailing.
Production rates of this machine can reach up to 12,000 boxes per shift.
Stitching Machines:
4 machines by Bahmuller Germany, 1988 model.
Machine production rate ranges from 5000 to 7000 boxes per shift.
Binding and Packaging Stage:
Binding is done using 0.6mm chamfer stitching machines according to the number of boxes required by the customer. The product is then packaged using stretch machines for the product to reach the customer in an orderly and clean condition.
Starch Kitchen:
It is an automatic system for manufacturing the starch paste used in gluing the layers of the product during manufacturing. The paste is manufactured from corn starch, caustic soda, and borax in specific proportions and at a specific temperature, working efficiently.
TCY New Printing Machine: 
Taiwanese-made model 2022, a 5-color printing machine. Top printing, detailing, circular crushing, and automatic gluing - 3-phase electricity & 380 volts power capacity.
Size: 120 cm × 250 cm.
The production rate of the machine can reach up to 250 chicks per minute. -

- Martan Machine:
This machine has a single-color printing unit, but it uses oil-based inks instead of water-based ones. After printing, these chicks are transferred to the regular knives stage, which matches the length and width of the chicks.
Its rate is 5000 - 4000 boxes per shift.
Manual Gluing Stage
The boxes produced and printed in the previous production stages, except for the machine can be glued either using manual gluing with a brush and white glue or using automatic gluing TCY
    [ Semi-automatic gluing machine Machine model GSG-10
This machine is characterized by its performance quality, where it can glue all types of cardboard, whether 3 layers, 5 layers, or even duplex cardboard. It also stands out in that the amount of glue used in gluing can be controlled by the air pressure used.


Laboratory Department

Company Laboratory Section:
          The Moharam printing press includes a laboratory equipped with the latest devices for testing all types of paper. Examples of these devices:
       1- Compression Resistance Measurement Device  Compression Test
            -           Used to estimate the load-bearing strength of the corrugated box against external pressure forces   in unit  kg . This represents the best test to determine the quality, capacity, and ability to handle, store, and stack ready-made boxes.
2- Tensile Strength Estimation Device  Tensile Strength Test
      -  Used to estimate the maximum tensile strength of paper and cardboard in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. This specification applies to both paper and cardboard materials and does not apply to multi-examination corrugated cardboard.
3- Ring Crush Estimation Device  Ring Crush Test
      -  Used to estimate the resistance of the edge of the corrugated cardboard [Kraft and Fluting only] to compression. This feature is the most important measure of the performance of corrugated cardboard and the quality of the final product.
        As corrugated cardboard packaging is subject to loads, it must be resistant to compression, and this represents the best choice for cardboard packaging manufacturers.
4- Paper Perforation Device  Concora
Used for perforating flute paper, followed by measuring the resistance force on the Ring Crush Test device used in manufacturing multi-layered corrugated cardboard in the multi-layered laboratory. Then the measurement is taken.
5- Burst Strength Estimation Device  Burst Strength Test
Used to estimate the explosion resistance of paper and cardboard due to increased hydraulic pressure and is applied to both paper and cardboard materials ranging from 170 to 1400 kilopascals.
6- Hardness Estimation Device  Hardness Test
Used to estimate the twisting strength and flexibility of duplex cardboard only.
7-   Thickness Estimation Device  Thickness Test
Used to estimate the thickness and specific volume of all paper material varieties.
8- Degree of Sizing Estimation Device   Cobb 120
Used to estimate the paper and cardboard's water absorbency.
The company also has several devices for environmental measurements, including:

 -    Multilevel Temperature Device with Condensers.

-      Bacterial Incubator.

-     Thermal Combustion Furnace.

 -    pH Measurement Device.

-     TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Measurement Device for   Water Quality in Geysers.

-      Digital Water Bath.

-      Digital Water Bath.

-      Electric Furnace.

-      Hofmann Funnel.

-      Hofmann Funnel.

-      Air Pump.

-      Water Distillation Device.

-      Mettler Balance.



Technical departments


Mouharam Printing Company is considered one of the leading and pioneering companies in the field of manufacturing various packages to support packaging processes in Egypt.
As it is known, the processes of packaging and selecting the appropriate package for a product are based on several scientific principles, including:

Economic factor

In Mouharam Printing Company, the required package is designed to suit the type of the intended product, ensuring that the design aligns with these four aforementioned factors. Then a prototype is created for review, facilitating an exchange of artistic and intellectual contributions between the designer and the product's ideas, ultimately leading to the most suitable results.

The technical departments in the company play a vital and fundamental role in the printing process, being involved in preparation, design, and execution of various designs for covers, labels, packages, and brochures serving different sectors of the Egyptian industry such as food, consumption, pharmaceuticals, textile, and electrical industries, as well as various types of durable goods.

These technical departments' operations, which precede the printing process, include design, image assembly, color separation, montage, and preparing printing plates. All of these operations are conducted using a variety of computer-based devices and equipment to achieve high artistic quality in the printing production.

The printing plates, in their various types, are prepared, including pre-sensitized aluminum plates for wet offset printing (flat printing). Also, photopolymer plates are prepared for prominent printing in two types: flexographic printing for corrugated cardboard and dry offset printing in the shampoo factory.

After the approval of samples by esteemed customers, the execution is carried out immediately in one of the company's various factories, according to the type of the required package.

Industrial Security Department


Security and Fire Management

First: Security Management

Security management is a field in business administration that focuses on the safety of assets within the organization, including both physical safety and digital security. Security management is closely related to risk management and aims to find a permanent security solution for these conditions through various methods, procedures, guidelines, and standards. This will help prevent specified risks.
Security is defined as a systematic and repeated set of interconnected activities to reduce risks. The purpose of security management is similar to risk management.
The company's security management performs several tasks, including:
- Preserving the company's facilities and physical assets.
- Monitoring production lines and ensuring the closure of all factories after work hours.
- Closing all premises and keeping the keys on a special board for use the following day.
- Maintaining permanent security for the toy paper factory to preserve its products.
- Monitoring shipping and weighing operations through a special department managing exports, imports, and weighing.
- Inspecting all vehicles upon entering and leaving the company.
- Inspecting all workers during shift changes.
- Monitoring the production process and whether there are conflicts among the workers or not.
- Ensuring the application of the company's regulations regarding the production process and the workers.

Second: Fire Management

The fire management in the company performs several tasks, including:
- The Fire Management Director leads the firefighters during the production process and around the clock, anticipating fires or damages to production units and factories.
- Monitoring fire lines and pumps, ensuring their safety and functionality.
- Monitoring electrical rooms, which operate with self-extinguishing using carbon dioxide, and ensuring the safety of the pumps.
- Monitoring pump rooms and the modern fire line, ensuring the safety of fire boxes and the entire line.
- The firefighters work on a shift basis 24/7 to maintain the company, its facilities, and its workers.